How Bromance Became A Big Content Marketing Hit

After sending out a single press release to various news outlets, it was quickly popping up in multiple high-ranking places that would otherwise be impossible to get an average guest post on. This was of course leveraged further on social media which brought us troves of new followers and likes… which is always important – especially with the growing social leanings of SEO in 2013.

Key Takeaways

But what can YOU take away from all of this bromance?

  • First off, I think it speaks for itself that coming up with a major campaign/promotional idea (be it a holiday package or product) has a much greater payoff than simpler ways of link building and promotion – guest posting for instance. Put in the hard work at the start and watch it pay off later. Identify your audience, product range and something unique that could be done with it.
  • Stay Timely: Holidays/events like Valentine’s are perfect springboards for campaigns like this – but the campaigns that stand out are the ones that go against the grain. The ‘Search for Britain’s Biggest Romance’ might have done okay – but nowhere near as well because where’s the humor in that? Picking a big event and creating something off the back of it is the easiest way of getting the conversation going because everyone can relate to the story.
  •  Be a bit controversial: Speaking of humor, a touch of controversy never hurt anyone… A Bromantic Getaway for 2 isn’t exactly the horsemeat scandal, but flipping Valentine’s on its head and making it all about male best friends might just annoy enough girlfriends… especially if their partner’s like the sound of swapping romance with bromance for once.
  • Think Big: This campaign has obviously spanned over months and has covered not just a single area, but the whole country –if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it big and no matter what company you are from and the type of sector you work in, the value of having a smart, skilled team of copywriters and PR’s can never be underestimated, because they’re the ones that can have these big ideas and execute them.

Finally, another tip is to devise a campaign that has many different sides to it – like a tree being the main idea (Bromance) and the branches being everything else that comes with it. Like the aforementioned novelty holiday package but also the fact that now Valentine’s Day has passed, we finally have faces to put to ‘Britain’s Biggest Bromance’: two guys named Lee and Neil that (because of their overly-friendly connection) possibly have even more of a story themselves.

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