How Bromance Became A Big Content Marketing Hit


If you’re an online content marketer or an SEO, you’ll know all too well the trials and tribulations of trying to boost your company’s/client’s rankings or brand notoriety against a sea of competitors vying to do exactly the same.[1] [pullquote]After sending out a single press release to various news outlets, it was quickly popping up in multiple high-ranking places that would otherwise be impossible to get an average guest post on.[/pullquote]


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With everyone aiming for that top spot or even those tabloid inches, it can seem near impossible – and this is definitely no different in the travel sector. Especially seeing as every idea seems to have been ‘done already’. This past Valentine’s taught me that it can all come together with a little bit of Bromance. 

What does the intense connection between two platonic guy friends have to do with earning those backlinks and boosting brand awareness at the same time? Well like anything, it all started with an idea…

The Campaign

Having become bored of the ‘samey’, unoriginal stories and campaigns that accompany the 14th February every single year, I decided to go for something a little different as far as campaigns go… asking ‘why is Valentine’s all about romance and never bromance?’ The first side of this came in a UK-wide ‘Search for Britain’s Biggest Bromance’ which culminated on Valentine’s Day itself. This was quickly taken up by Nuts Magazine which of course proved a massive coup in getting the campaign out there. They could have done with an alternative Valentine’s based story to aim at their target audience and we had it… and working for a company that specialise in stag (bachelor) parties and weekends, it was the perfect fit for the campaign.


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But what was the prize for these guys other than having the title of Biggest Bromance? Well here was one of the biggest opportunities for brand and link building: they would be sent on a Bromantic Getaway for 2, something that is also a new package – appropriately called ‘Bromance before Romance’. Now how many guys are actually going to want to spend a weekend with just one other friend is questionable, but that’s not the point, because people are going to talk about it… online… with links back to the site alongside a whole lot of exposure for the brand which is exactly what you want.

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